Marta Simpson, RN,  is an international board certified lactation consultant who sees breastfeeding moms and their babies at Metropolitan Pediatric Specialists.

Marta is here to help babies and mothers enjoy the best breastfeeding experience possible. Along with nurse-line staff, she answers questions and provides phone consultations to nursing moms. Marta also meets in the clinic with moms and babies who are experiencing breastfeeding challenges.

According to La Leche League International, ten reasons to breastfeed include:

  1. Baby’s whole body and brain benefit immensely
  2. Release for mother hormonally causing calmer feelings
  3. Easier digestion for baby than formula
  4. Available fresh instantly for hungry baby
  5. Soothing for a crying baby
  6. Treasure of a lifetime bond with your child
  7. Free
  8. Effortless pregnancy weight loss
  9. Enhanced bowel movements smell better than those of formula-fed babies
  10. Decreased risk of SIDS than formula-fed babies

For more tips on breastfeeding, watch a five-minute video in which a lactation expert shows how to position baby for nursing.

To schedule an appointment with Marta in Edina, call 952-920-9191. To schedule an appointment in Burnsville, call 952-435-2450.