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Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Updates

Exciting news! Starting late June we are updating our current electronic medical record (EMR) to a new and improved one!

This new EMR will allow for a more efficient streamlined process for the entire practice and offer more convenient features for you and your family. Please read this notice carefully. We will transition onto the new EMR in late June/early July.

We will be able to offer you:

Better visibility into your patient statements, billing, payments and receipts (late June)
You will have a billing portal you can login to review statements, make payments, access receipts, submit questions.

Remote forms completion & check-in (early July)
You will receive a text so that you can easily complete all patient paperwork online, before your appointment, at a time that works best for you and your family (Nap time? Soccer practice? During a rare moment of peace?) rather than in the waiting room when your attention is divided.

Patient Portal access (late August)

  • Vaccine Records: Print/access at your convenience
  • Forms: Form completion requests and access to completed forms
  • Medical Records: See past visit notes (Visits after 7/1/24 within days automatically, visits prior to 7/1/24 you may request access via a messaging system)
  • Test Results: Improved speed of receiving results, such as a positive strep result. We can alert you through your patient portal that the test was positive and that a prescription was called in. Questions? You can submit them to us through the portal.
  • Upload documents, securely: Need to send us brief external medical records or test results? You will be able to upload them to our portal, as long as they are not extensive. Consider this a good way to send is a few pages of information.
  • Appointments: Initially, you will be able to see future appointments & request an appointment be scheduled, specifying your preferred days/times/date range. Online direct scheduling will be in our next phase, likely 2025.

What we need from you:

Patience: As with any new process, there may be some challenges along the way. Please be patient with us as we work through this transition.

Early Arrival: During this time it is extremely important that you arrive 15 minutes early for every scheduled appointment to ensure our clinic can operate smoothly. We must insist on timeliness during this transition and will not be able to accommodate late arrivals.

Listen to your voicemails: We may leave a voicemail with specific instructions for your appointment type the day before or even the day of your scheduled appointment over the next several weeks. Please ensure you check for these to ensure you have the most up-to-date information on what to expect and what is needed for your appointment to go smoothly.