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Physical Exams

Well Child Visits

At every age, regular well-child visits are an important way to keep your child healthy. Because young children grow so quickly, well-child visits are a great way to track their growth and development.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has expressed the importance of staying current on immunizations during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have created a safe clinical environment for you to continue bringing your child for well visits.

We limit your child’s exposure to illness by:

  • Having a separate clinic entrance and designated rooms for sick patients. Sick patients do not wait in the lobby. Sick and well patients do not interact.
  • Enhanced cleaning clinic-wide.
  • Books, stickers and crayons are removed.
  • We encourage social distancing in the lobby for patients coming for well visits.
  • We screen all individuals who come to the clinic for symptoms and exposure history.
  • If a child is scheduled for a well visit but develops illness symptoms, we request the family reschedule the appointment.
  • We encourage limiting the visit to one adult accompanying the child.

Beginning at age 3 well visits include:

  • Physical examination;
  • Weight and height;
  • Blood pressure;
  • Body mass index (BMI);
  • Vision;
  • Hearing;
  • Health questionnaire; and
  • Developmental/behavioral/mental health assessment.

Well visits provide an opportunity for our pediatricians to:

  • Evaluate behavior patterns;
  • Address clearance for sports participation;
  • Discuss growth and nutrition;
  • Evaluate sleep patterns;
  • Administer vaccinations;
  • Address any questions or concerns you or your child has;
  • Screen for mental health issues such as anxiety or depression, or other concerns; and
  • Develop a trusting relationship with your child that will continue through their adolescence and teen years.


For information on your child’s development, click on the link.

Well Child Visit: 2 Weeks – 2 Months

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